St. Augustine is full of beautiful places to see, experience, and photograph. We’ve thoroughly explored the city and scouted the best locations to capture digitally or on film. We found sceneries for every type of photographer, influencer, or tourist.

Whether you are looking for historic areas, beaches, architecture, food, or art we’ve got it listed in our most Instagrammable St. Augustine locations. Grab your camera or phone of choice and head out to snap some beautiful and fun pictures to share on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag all your St. Augustine photos with #StAugustineExplored!

Here is our list of favorite Instagrammable places in St. Augustine, FL.

Uptown – Greetings from St Augustine Mural

St. Augustine finally has a quintessential city greetings postcard mural thanks to Fried Chicken Kitchen and Future Friends Design. The bright yellow and orange hues bring a great splash of joy to the neighborhood.

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  • Location: 1510 N Ponce de Leon Blvd behind Fried Chicken Kitchen

Oak Tree Tunnel on Magnolia Avenue

This 4-block road is enclosed with overgrown oak trees. The avenue is drivable, bikeable, walkable and absolutely gorgeous. During early morning or early evening when the sun is lower the sideways sun rays beaming through trees are truly dreamy.
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Most Beautiful Street in America Magnolia Street St Augustine 6

The Old Senator Live Oak Tree – the Largest Tree in St Augustine

Since you are already on St. A’s famous Magnolia Avenue you might as well visit the Old Senator Tree. This live oak tree is over 600 years old making it more than 100 years older than St. Augustine.

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National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche inside Mission Nombre de Dios

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate this enchanting shrine built in the early 1600’s. If that doesn’t impress you much, in 2019 La Lecha was designated as a national shrine because it is the oldest shrine in the United States. The grounds are beautiful and you’re welcome to quietly explore, reflect and chat with the locals.

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Pink Stork Wings Mural

Probably the prettiest piece of interactive street art can be found on the side of the Pink Stork warehouse off Hwy 1. The white wings reminiscent of Colette Miller’s famous Global Angel Wings Project are a bit different because instead of feathers the wings are full of details that make St. Augustine special, such as the lighthouse, Flagler College’s towers, Flagler Memorial Presbyterian’s dome, & 1 of the 4 lions.

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The Bridge of Lions, Downtown or Davis Shores on the Island

Rich in history and design the Bridge of Lions consists of 5 different Instagrammable points of view. Lined with 4 different lions (1 on each corner end) and the bridge itself the composition choices are plentiful. Take the time to walk across to the east side of the bridge to see downtown in all its glory.

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Aviles Street/St. George Street – Old and Picturesque

Aviles Street is touted as the oldest street in the United States. It’s lined with places of business and tons of character. Vehicles and carriages are allowed on Aviles Street, so be sure to keep your wits about you when strolling.

St. George Street is a pedestrian-only zone, however, do watch out for a few cross streets that allow vehicles. The route is less than a ½ mile with the Old City Gates at the north end and Plaza de la Constitución at the south end. In between you will find lots of historical spots, stores, restaurants, museums, gardens, tons of charm, little details, and photo ops galore.

PS: One of the most significant photographic locations downtown is the Woolworth’s “Whites Only” Countertop where the St. Augustine Four (JoeAnn Anderson Ulmer, Samuel White, Audrey Nell Edwards, and Willie Carl Singleton) sat in protest in July of 1963. The countertop is located inside Wells Fargo at 33 King Street. If it’s after hours the counter can be viewed through the window.

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The Doors & Windows of Downtown St. Augustine

There is a famous red door in downtown St. Augustine that leads to a privately owned property and historic house built in the late 1800’s. It’s arguably the most famous door in the city. However, there are several Instagram worthy doors and windows found throughout the downtown area. It’s all in the colors, the texture, and the lighting that bring out the details. Instead of focusing on one particular door spend your time wandering the streets and alleys looking for all the unique designs and elements.

Location: 15 Bridge Street

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Flagler College Rotunda and Grounds

Built in 1888 with Spanish Renaissance architecture in mind, Flagler College is exquisite. The entire tour will have you in awe of every little detail from the Tiffany Stained Glass windows, Austrian crystal chandeliers, and white onyx clock just to name a few of the items to keep an eye out for.

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The Lightner Museum

The grounds of the Lightner Museum from the foreground fountain to the internal courtyard are stunning. Walk around the entire the campus to find the best angle that works for you.

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Coy Pond at Lightner Museum Downtown Saint Augustine Florida 1

St. Augustine Lighthouse

This classic red, white, and black lighthouse is a must see when in town. Head to the water and pier just east of the parking lot for some pretty views and photo ops. If you climb the 219 steps to the top, the perspectives you can get towering over Anastasia Island are insane!

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Anastasia Island Beach Entrances

While you explore the beaches on Anastasia Island be sure to check out all the different entrances from the pier all the way to the Matanzas Inlet. Each entrance has its own charm & character.
Note: Not all entrances are public and not all entrances have a boardwalk.
Multiple Locations along Anastasia Island beachside

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BONUS Instagrammable St Augustine: Castle Otttis

Yes, there is an Irish Abbey-inspired castle in St. Augustine. Tours and access to the grounds and castle are by appointment only. Donation-appreciated tours led by one of the castle builders and owners are roughly 60-90 minutes.

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Instagrammable St Augustine Food Locations

Buenda Onda – West King Street

Their food is so Instagram worthy it’s impossible to take a bad photo. Don’t believe me? Check out their IG account @buenaonda_cafe_staug and swoon at the amazing photos.

Suggested hashtags for Instagram posts: #buenaondacafestaug #StAugustineExplored #staugustine

Odd Birds Cocktail Lounge and Kitchen

Odd Birds is possibly the trendiest establishment in St. Augustine. They have a greenery wall, neon sign, cozy seating inside and out, bright colors, library wall (with a hidden door), grand food, & crafted cocktails that are all so photogenic.

Suggested hashtags for Instagram posts: #oddbirds #StAugustineExplored #staugustine

Now that you’re feeling inspired don’t forget to stop and take in all the details as you explore all this city has to offer. Depending on the time of day and the brightness of the sun, St. Augustine is full of lovely locations worthy of an Instagrammable title. #StAugustineExplored

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